Top Fully Funded Scholarships in the Netherlands 2024-25

Fully Funded Scholarships in the Netherlands
Fully Funded Scholarships in the Netherlands

Top universities in the Netherlands provide fully funded scholarships for international students from 2024 to 25. Applicants pursuing both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this scholarship opportunity.

Scholarships are now available to international students looking to start studying at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2024. Each full scholarship covers a monthly stipend, tuition fees and housing charges.

Holland Scholarship Program

The Holland Scholarship program provides international students an outstanding opportunity to study in the Netherlands at top-tier universities while developing valuable skills. All academic fees will be covered and fully funded by the Dutch government.

This program is tailored towards international students enrolled in full-time bachelor’s or master’s programs at Dutch universities. It will grant an amount of EUR 5,000 to be applied towards your first year of studies.

The Netherlands government, Dutch research universities, and universities of applied sciences jointly support this scholarship program. Its purpose is to attract talented international students while increasing global diversity within higher education in the Netherlands. Each university may differ regarding application procedures; please check your chosen university for details regarding this scholarship opportunity. To be considered eligible, each may require certain criteria may be fulfilled: this may include providing motivation letters, official transcripts and meeting a minimum IELTS score requirement of 6.0 before an appointment committee evaluates your application and decides if you are eligible or not.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) provides full funding for outstanding international Master’s students enrolled at the University of Amsterdam to study Master’s programmes that fit within their career plans and will enhance their performance academically and extracurricular. Scholarship recipients must maintain high academic standards and participate in extracurricular activities – selection will be determined on criteria including academic excellence, ambition and the relevance of each selected Master’s programme to their future career path.

Engage in an inspiring experience with the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship and become part of an elite global network of scholars. This scholarship grants access to various Master’s programs at world-class research universities, allowing you to discover your academic interests while furthering your career goals within an enriched cultural environment.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

The Netherlands provides international students with numerous fully funded scholarships for top Dutch universities. These awards cover tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance premiums and travel costs; you may qualify if you possess an outstanding GPA and are motivated to study there. To be eligible for one of these awards, applicants should demonstrate an exceptional GPA while being highly motivated about studying in Holland.

The Holland Scholarship is one of the most renowned and comprehensive scholarships available to international students studying in the Netherlands. Designed to attract only those students of exceptional talent to its universities, this scholarship covers tuition fees, living costs and airfare costs for one academic year. It offers a monthly stipend to cover other expenses.

Maastricht University (UM)’s NL-High Potential Scholarship program – open to exceptional international Master’s program applicants who have been accepted – awards a scholarship worth EUR 30000 per academic year.

Orange Knowledge Program scholarships, provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provide international students pursuing full-time Master’s degrees or short courses in the Netherlands with an extra bursary.

Orange Knowledge Program

The Orange Knowledge Program (OKP) is a Dutch capacity-building initiative supporting mid-career professionals from specific countries. Scholarships are available for Short Training courses and Masters level programs in Netherlands universities.

This scholarship covers all study costs (tuition fee, living expenses and visa) and provides a monthly allowance of 970 euros and a one-time payment for materials (up to 585 euros). Furthermore, travel costs to and from the Netherlands and health insurance will also be covered, and one-off reimbursement of your ticket will also be provided.

Apply for your course through your chosen educational institution in the Netherlands; their application procedures and academic requirements vary accordingly. Before enrolling, ensure you fulfil the admission requirements and OKP eligibility criteria.

Ask your employer if they would nominate you for an OKP scholarship; if that is the case, they will send a link to the University portal and instruct you on preparing an application (include employer statement, motivation and passport/government statements as applicable) then review if any focus areas have been set aside in your country for consideration.

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

Experienced students can now realize their dream of free studying at a world-class university with the TU Delft Excellence Scholarship, providing access to some of the top universities in the Netherlands. The program promotes diversity by gathering individuals from varying backgrounds and experiences together while giving access to some of the most cutting-edge research facilities in the nation.

TU Delft scholarships in the Netherlands are designed to enhance student’s educational and professional journeys under the tutelage of exceptional and top-rated teachers. Students gain essential skills required for survival in today’s globalized environment, making their societal position invaluable. It also facilitates students’ understanding of global issues better so that ideal solutions may be created to address them.

TU Delft is an exceptional institution where students are inspired to be creative and innovative. Furthermore, its staff members embrace multidisciplinary collaboration to find solutions for complex problems – this allows TU Delft to improve its services while producing ever-better results.

Radboud Scholarship Program

The Radboud Scholarship provides full-tuition scholarships for international Master’s programs at Radboud University – a top-ranked university with an outstanding record in research and education – including expenses such as living costs and health insurance coverage.

To be eligible for this scholarship, non-EU/EEA students with excellent academic records and strong motivation must attend an English-taught master’s program starting September 1, 2024, as evidenced in your formal letter of admission, plus comply with all conditions to secure a study visa in the Netherlands.

Scholarships at Radboud University cover one or more English-taught Master’s degree programmes offered entirely in English, with approximately 30 students being selected each year to receive this prestigious award. Unfortunately, the scholarship does not cover other student fees, such as application, residence permit, and liability insurance (Aon Student Insurance). Unfortunately, this award cannot be combined with Holland or Orange Tulip Scholarships.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LExS) provides fully-funded support for exceptional international students beginning their Master’s program at one of Europe’s renowned universities. This scholarship waives tuition fees while also helping cover living costs.

LExS is available to non-EEA/non-EFTA students enrolling in full-time Master’s programs offered by the Faculty of Humanities, Science or Leiden Law School; it does not cover LLM Advanced Studies programmes nor MSc International Relations & Diplomacy programmes.

Students selected for Leiden University Master’s programs based on outstanding academic achievements from previous educational pursuits relevant to Leiden’s Master’s program are usually among the top 10% of graduates from their previous study program, although proof of this ranking isn’t necessary; applicants should submit an excellent motivation letter detailing why they deserve this scholarship as part of the application process and indicate their intent in the scholarship section of their application form.

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is a fully-funded master’s scholarship for international students studying at Utrecht University in Holland. This award aims to support high-performing international students who wish to study science or technology through collaborative study plans with top experts from their chosen field and provide financial relief.

To be considered for this scholarship, you must rank within the top 10% of your graduating class and boast an outstanding academic record. Furthermore, no grants or loans were received during that academic year, and you must have applied to Utrecht University master’s programs beginning September 2024.

If you meet these requirements, applying for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship via the OSIRIS application portal and submitting documents may be your ticket to career success! Be sure to follow all instructions closely so as not to cause any unexpected complications. This scholarship could be the gateway to international success; Utrecht Excellence Scholarships are ideal for you to demonstrate that.

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