Zenith Bank Code Activation and Uses

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The Zenith Bank code is *966#. This article will look at the USSD code for Zenith Bank Nigeria. This code executes functions like sending money, checking balances, etc. It is a convenient way of performing banking activities without visiting the bank or doing online banking.

Requirements for the Activating the Zenith Bank Code

Banks these days offer quick enrollment of their customers for USSD code services. So, it is very likely that you are already enrolled for this service immediately after opening an account.

You will need the following to qualify to activate this code service:
1. A bank account (NUBAN) with Zenith Bank
2. The phone number linked to your bank account
3. Zenith Bank debit card (ATM card)

Internet access is not needed to use this service and therefore, people in places without internet services and those with no smartphones can benefit from the USSD code service.

How to Activate Zenith Bank Transfer Code

The steps below will help you with the activation. You will start by dialing *966# followed by your account number. Please enter the last four digits of your bank card, create a PIN, and confirm it for a successful setup.

How to Use Zenith Bank Code for Fund Transfer (Intrabank and Interbank)

The code provided is used to send money from one account to another customer’s account, whether within the bank or to an account held in another bank. For example, you have an account with Zenith Bank and want to send money to your friend’s account.

Follow the following steps below to be able to transfer your funds:

● Dial *966*TheAmount*Account Number of the Recipient#. Eg *966*10500*1234567890#

● You should use the phone number that was linked to your bank account with Zenith bank

● Enter your four-digit transfer PIN

● The recipient’s account information and transaction details will be shown on the menu for you to confirm.

● Confirm or authorize the transaction.

● The funds will move to the recipient.

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How to Use Zenith Bank USSD Code for Paying Bills

You can also use the Zenith bank Nigeria USSD codes we provided to pay your bills without the hassle of standing in queues at a branch or ATM.

This way you can save a lot of time and avoid traffic congestion during rush hour periods like weekends and holidays when most people are out enjoying themselves but still need essential services such as electricity, water supply etcetera.

Dialing the Zenith mobile banking code *966# will allow you to pay your utility bills from the comfort of your living room.

To pay, for example, DStv or Gotv: On your phone, enter *966*7*Amount*Customer ID# and then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

How to Use Zenith Bank USSD to Recharge Airtime

To be able to buy airtime for oneself, follow the following steps:

It would be best to dial *966*theAmount# on your mobile device and press okay. For example: *966*700# to buy airtime on the cell phone corresponding to your Zenith account, then enter your 4-digit pin to finish the transaction. Your cellphone number will be credited if it works.

To be able to buy airtime for others:

● Dial *966* amount*Mobile number#

● For example: *966*150*0123456789#, to buy 150 nairas from your account

● Enter four digits that end your Zenith debit card number.

● If successful, the airtime will be credited immediately to the number you requested.

Maximum Transfer Limit when Using Transfer Code for Zenith Bank

The transfer limit for money transfers is N100,000 daily. At the same time, the transfer limit for Airtime top-up is N3000 daily. The limit is set to avoid fraud.


Understanding the Zenith Bank USSD code allows you to quickly and easily manage your finances without needing to visit a bank branch physically.

We hope you have learned from this post and can now use the Zenith bank USSD code to transfer money, deposit and withdraw cash, pay bills and recharge your airtime. The amount of time you will save by using this service will impress you.