Wema Bank Transfer Code: Quick Activation Guide and Uses

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The Wema Bank transfer code is *945#. The USSD code is a mobile banking service that allows you to access your account, send funds and perform other transactions using a short code. This convenient service is available 24/7, so customers can access their accounts from anywhere and at any time.

As long as they have their mobile device and the USSD code, customers can use this service to check their account balances, view statements, pay bills, transfer funds to other banks and even receive airtime.

How to Activate the Wema Bank Code Service

The following steps will help you activate your Wema Bank mobile transfer code:

● Dial *945# on the mobile phone liked to your Wema Bank account

● Follow the correct steps on the screen to continue

● Select the bank account you wish to transact from

● Select a secret PIN

● Confirm PIN

How to use it for fund transfer (intrabank and interbank)

The official USSD code for Wema Bank USSD banking without the internet is *945#.

You can efficiently conduct routine banking operations from the convenience of your mobile devices with the help of this USSD banking service.

It is quick, simple, and trustworthy. Every Wema Bank customer can access the Wema Bank USSD codes for free.

Dial *945*Account Number*amount# eg, *945*1234567890*60000# to transfer.

How to use Wema Bank Transfer Code to Pay Bills

In this section, we will discuss how to use the Wema bank USSD transfer code for paying bills. First, you will have to dial *945# from your registered Wema Bank number. You will get a menu where you can select ‘Pay Bill’.

After selecting ‘Pay Bill’, you will then be asked for the amount of money that you want to send as well as the name of your recipient. After filling in these details and confirming them by pressing 1 on your phone keypad, your request should be processed instantly

How to Use the USSD Code to Recharge Mobile Airtime

To use the USSD transfer code to recharge your airtime, you can simply dial *945# from your registered Wema Bank Nigeria number. Select ‘Recharge’ and then follow the prompts on your phone screen.

You will be asked for the amount of money that you want to send as well as the name of your recipient. After filling in these details and confirming them on your phone keypad, you should receive an SMS message confirming that the money has been sent successfully.

Transfer Limit for the USSD Code

The daily transfer limit when using the transfer code for Wema Bank is N20,000. To send more money, you’ll need to download the Wema Bank Mobile app or visit a nearby branch to conduct an in-person transaction.

For those who may need to become more familiar, the USSD service is a practical method for making financial transactions on your mobile device without needing an internet connection. And many other banks including Ecobank, Access Bank, etc offer similar services.


Your phone is a powerful tool that can help you stay connected to your bank account, make payments and transfers, and even buy things using the USSD code.

Accessing your account using mobile banking will save you time and money because you don’t have to pay for using your service provider’s data plan while doing it.