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WPX may be your ideal WordPress host if you’re in need of fast, reliable hosting that can handle heavy traffic volumes. Read on to gain more knowledge of their services and assess if their offerings meet your requirements.

As per recent surveys, 57% of visitors will leave a website that loads slowly and over 80% will never come back again.


When selecting a hosting provider for high-traffic websites, scalability, and server performance should be of top concern. Without being able to respond quickly to sudden surges in visitor numbers or potential customer leads, you risk losing visitors and customers altogether. In addition to offering reliable page load speeds through their CDN service, this could make an incredible difference in terms of how many visitors arrive at your website while increasing its overall speed.

WPX Hosting stands out among hosting services as an industry leader for scalability, offering unlimited storage and bandwidth on all plans to allow site builders to build without fear of incurring penalties for high traffic volumes. Furthermore, this host offers daily backups, free SSLs, and up to 200% more performance increase with their host-provided CDN. Not to mention an intuitive control panel and round-the-clock support from WordPress specialists!

WPX Hosting users tend to be pleased with its services. Their reviews tend to be favorable and illustrate their appreciation of WPX’s features. However, for maximum utility, it’s essential that reviews capture all aspects of the hosting experience so it is crucial that users analyze reviews to gauge how comprehensively they cover the hosting experience.

The table below displays a breakdown of emotional and detailed reviews received, as well as client length. This gives a clear idea of which clients prefer WPX Hosting.

As can be seen from the table, the most emotional and detailed reviews come from users who have been with a company for an extended period. This indicates they are loyal customers who enjoy its services. Furthermore, these users possess more technical expertise and may provide valuable details. However, it should be noted that non-technical users also leave valuable reviews that help identify strengths and weaknesses within an organization.


WPX Hosting provides plans tailored to suit the needs of different types of users, from personal websites to enterprise-grade ones. Starting at $42/month for an entry-level personal plan which supports up to 30,000 unique visits per month; professional plans start at $125/month with support for 100,000 unique visits; business plans begin at $250/month supporting up to 1 Million unique visits monthly while their enterprise plan offers support for millions.

WPX Hosting was widely praised in reviews written by its users for its performance and reliability, with fast site load times thanks to using the fastest WordPress CDN in existence; many also noted their websites had improved since transferring. WPX Hosting promises resolution of any issues within 30 seconds through multiple support channels such as live chat or email support channels – so much so, that many praised WPX as having improved their websites by switching.

Customers may request a refund if they’re dissatisfied with their service; however, many reviewers noted that customer support representatives weren’t always helpful – some were slow in responding while others couldn’t answer questions about the company or pricing is higher than that of similar hosts.

Reviewers were also dissatisfied with the hosting company’s servers, with websites taking too long to load or even crashing during heavy usage – an essential requirement for high-traffic websites. Some reviewers complained about not offering SSH access or calendar features that support high-demand websites.

Users were also dissatisfied with the amount of storage space available; although hosting companies offer unlimited storage space, some customers felt like it wasn’t enough. Reviewers also complained that customer support wasn’t always available during regular business hours.

WPX Hosting is an ideal choice for websites with heavy traffic volumes, offering numerous features including user-friendly control panels and SSL certificates. Furthermore, their Web Application Firewall (WAF) monitors and blocks malicious traffic – not to mention free SSL certificates! All customers of WPX Hosting also qualify for one complimentary certificate!

Customer Support

WPX Hosting is an industry-leading managed WordPress hosting service, that offers fast and reliable website speeds. Their team of WordPress experts is renowned for their responsiveness, expertise, and dedication in quickly resolving customer issues quickly. In addition, WPX provides user-friendly control panels and client dashboards that simplify website management; its customer support department offers 24-hour help when necessary and can handle website migrations, domain management, and backup access as needed.

This company offers several plans tailored specifically to each business’s needs, with a 30-day money-back guarantee to make sure their services meet them. Furthermore, live chat and email technical support are readily available and have earned the reputation for responding within 30 seconds, ensuring customer satisfaction with their service.

WPX Hosting stands out from the crowd by offering an advanced web server designed specifically to handle high-traffic websites. Their infrastructure utilizes redundant hardware, network systems, and power supplies for improved reliability; their network is monitored 24/7; plus there are multiple data centers to reduce downtime.

WPX Hosting goes beyond standard features to offer advanced tools that can enhance the performance of your site, such as an in-house CDN that can boost speed threefold and an easy staging area that lets you make changes without impacting existing data. They also keep two weeks’ worth of daily backups to restore any lost modifications.

Many users report their website speeds have increased after migrating to WPX Hosting, an impressive feat given that any website taking longer than three seconds to load can lose 57% of visitors and never return. Their support team provides excellent assistance, while pricing options for multi-website owners are affordable and reasonable.

WPX Hosting is an ideal option for individuals and companies who need to host multiple WordPress websites on a single account, but it has some drawbacks: customer support is sometimes inconsistent and there is no status page provided to notify customers about downtimes or scheduled maintenance.


WPX Hosting is an exceptional WordPress host for high-traffic sites, known for their focus on speed and customer support as evidenced by their rave client reviews. Their servers are located worldwide to give visitors to your website the fastest experience; users report seeing a significant speed boost after switching over to WPX Hosting – particularly important for businesses that depend on online traffic for revenue generation.

The User-friendly control panel makes it simple and fast to perform tasks such as installing WordPress with one click, managing domains, and accessing backups. Users love how quickly live chat responds. Unfortunately, they do not offer phone support – potentially an issue for certain customers.

WPX stands out among hosts because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface, particularly helpful for clients with less technical backgrounds. Many clients report being able to use WPX without much instruction; even newcomers find it straightforward and user-friendly.

WPX takes this concept one step further by offering unlimited bandwidth across its plans, making it simpler for high-traffic websites to scale without fearing performance issues.

Reliability: All servers hosted by our company are located at premier data centers, where they are monitored 24/7 by a team of technicians, to ensure peak performance is being delivered and any issues are quickly dealt with; additionally, this ensures your site is protected from DDoS attacks and other security threats.

Pricing: In comparison with other WordPress hosting providers, WPX may be slightly more costly; however, its high-performance servers make the extra expense worthwhile for many customers.

WPX customer support stands out for being quick in responding, knowledgeable and adept at solving WordPress-related issues quickly, and offering tips and tricks to boost site speed – something many WordPress users find appealing about WPX over other hosting companies.


WPX Details

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Server Locations:
Payment Methods:
  • High-speed CDN
  • Free Speed optimizations
  • Ultra-fast servers
  • 3 Data Center locations
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Let's Encryp SSL has to be manually setup on addon domains
  • No phone support
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