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Kinsta offers an impressive managed WordPress hosting solution, complete with free SSL/SSH/email hosting (G Suite recommended) and user-friendly dashboard access.

Google Cloud Platform boasts 35+ data centers globally, which enables it to seamlessly handle massive traffic spikes without any issues.

Every plan also comes equipped with a staging area and quick site cloning feature to allow for testing new updates before going live!


Kinsta boasts several speed-enhancing features, such as their own CDN and caching, plus they’re hosted on Google Cloud Platform – features which contributed to an excellent uptime record when I tested using UptimeRobot. They were even able to maintain 100% uptime during my tests!

Kinsta not only offers an impressive uptime guarantee, but its security setup is unparalleled as well. Utilizing Linux containers on the Google Cloud Platform enables them to isolate not only each account but also each WordPress website in order to prevent hackers from accessing or taking down websites or accounts.

These servers also come equipped with an inbuilt firewall to safeguard against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, ensuring your site stays protected against such attacks before they reach their servers – an advantage over shared hosts, which often don’t offer this level of security.

Kinsta provides free SSL hosting, ideal for bloggers who want to encrypt their traffic and make it more secure. To make the process easy, they have partnered with KeyCDN, an HTTP/2 and IPv6-enabled content delivery network with 34 global data centers; meaning your website visitors will be served from nearer ones which speeds things up considerably.

Kinsta hosting makes your hosting experience smooth, thanks to its easy user panel and dashboard. Perfect for beginners, this tool includes everything necessary for day-to-day site management with one simple tool; quickly create new websites, monitor performance, and keep an eye on allowances with just a few clicks; use staging tool/backup system/apply SSL certificates without worry!

Kinsta takes customer support very seriously; their support team comprises expert developers with in-depth knowledge of WordPress who can assist with everything from setting up plugins to optimizing databases – something most other hosts only provide as paid services. In addition, their response time is unparalleled!


Kinsta offers many premium features, such as a user-friendly dashboard and hosting environment that makes website management effortless. Furthermore, this platform features hardware firewalls, DDoS protection, and daily malware scans designed to safeguard against hackers or any other form of cybercrime.

Kinsta offers exceptional customer support. Available 24/7 to assist with any of your inquiries or issues, the company is readily accessible via email, live chat, and phone to provide the necessary help and advice. Plus, take advantage of their free trial offer and see if Kinsta works for you.

This company provides several plans designed to fit specific needs. For instance, its Business 1 plan offers unlimited websites and traffic with a free SSL certificate as well as daily backups and staging environments for testing changes before going live. In addition, these features make SiteGround an attractive choice for WordPress users: automatic updates with expert WordPress support as well as customizable and user-friendly dashboards are among them.

Kinsta’s hosting infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud Platform and all sites are hosted on C2 compute-optimized virtual machines; Kinsta claims this has helped increase client site performance by 200%! Furthermore, they use 35+ global server locations of Google Cloud to keep latency low so your website loads quickly for visitors.

Kinsta stands out as one of the fastest WordPress hosts available, boasting advanced technology such as automatic updates, staging environments, and custom dashboards that other hosts don’t offer.

Although Kinsta can bring many benefits, it does have its drawbacks. Its price may be higher than other managed WordPress hosting providers and its limited storage capacity may pose problems for larger websites. Furthermore, their scalability might limit you; you may need to upgrade if you expect high traffic volumes.


Kinsta stands out among managed WordPress hosting providers by boasting one of the highest performance standards in its unique architecture combining speed-boosting features with Google Cloud Platform’s enterprise network – making Kinsta one of the few hosts able to offer an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee (almost two times better than the industry norm).

All Kinsta plans to provide unlimited website visits, disk space, and databases; however, if your website experiences spikes in visitor numbers or traffic surges Kinsta suggests upgrading to either their Business 1 plan or higher so more PHP workers can handle more traffic.

Kinsta offers another impressive feature in its ability to detect and respond to security threats quickly. Kinsta’s state-of-the-art firewalls, DDoS protection, and other tools keep your site protected – something hackers often target due to WordPress sites’ popularity with large user bases. Furthermore, automated daily backups provide added peace of mind in case a site does become compromised; should this happen you can restore quickly using Kinsta’s automated daily backup feature.

Kinsta offers not only security features but also edge and mobile caching solutions for their customers. These caches help improve website performance by storing copies of it at over 260 data centers worldwide – this allows your visitors to load faster as the caches are closer.

Kinsta offers a free APM tool to monitor the performance of your site. This provides a comprehensive view of PHP and MySQL response times, database query counts, and more – helping identify any issues that might be slowing it down and help address them as soon as possible.

Kinsta makes managing your site simple with their MyKinsta dashboard, designed specifically to be more user-friendly than cPanel and incorporate a number of WordPress-specific features. Use it to add SSL certificates, clear cache files, enable early hints, restart PHP instances, monitor new relics, monitor site stats, and much more – everything is displayed neatly and efficiently on an easily navigable dashboard.

Customer Service

Kinsta stands out from other hosts by having an exceptional team of customer service reps who specialize in WordPress; one of the hallmarks of their support. Compare that with those who rely on traditional support representatives without much or any experience working on this platform.

Reaching their support team is easy through ticket systems, email addresses, and live chat features. I was impressed at how quickly they responded on chat; in less than 3 minutes I had an in-depth response with links back to knowledge base articles for additional reading. Those not keen on live chat or preferring personalized demos from sales reps can also receive one and see the dashboard themselves!

Plans start at just $35 per month, making this service highly competitive with other managed WordPress hosting providers. In addition to that, higher-tier plans enable you to host additional websites at the same time while offering greater CDN bandwidth allowance and providing additional PHP workers for improved performance.

Kinsta makes setting up new sites easy! Simply choose “Install WordPress” in the dashboard to set one up. After entering your domain name and location (most are in Europe; some exist also in the US), a prompt will appear for adding WordPress installation and you’re done!

Kinsta also provides free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt for each website hosted with them, providing an essential layer of protection from hackers and ensuring visitor data remains safe from theft. It’s rare to find such features with WordPress hosting plans but we love them!

Kinsta provides you with a staging site for each website you manage, making it easier to test plugins and make modifications before deploying them to the live site. Furthermore, for an additional $20 monthly subscription you can upgrade to premium staging with 12 CPUs, 8 GB memory, and identical PHP workers to match that of your live website.

kinsta Info & Overview

412 ms
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited STorage
70% Free Site Migration
30 days money-back guarantee


Kinsta Details

Other Services:
Server Locations:
Payment Methods:
  • Enterprise CDN Add-On
  • Free website migration
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Limited server location – United States only
  • Only Weekly backups no daily backups
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