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About BionicWP

BionicWP is a white-label hosting provider designed to help agencies host the websites of their clients. Their professional support staff provides quick responses to queries, while there’s also an available staging environment where developers and website owners can make changes without impacting live sites.

Easy-to-use control panel

BionicWP is a WordPress-managed host offering fast performance, unlimited site edits, and robust security. Additionally, its dashboard makes managing multiple websites simple with tabs for each website which lets you view stats and plugin usage; update website pages instantly; create custom themes; access backups in the background, and even create backup copies if required.

“Come for the speed, stay for the support.” This tagline of their company is taken seriously by their team as they strive hard to meet it. By constantly optimizing servers for speed and continuously monitoring them for possible optimization opportunities, they ensure high levels of service to all their clients and if a website appears slow they make changes quickly in order to address it quickly.

Their customer support team is available around the clock, ready to assist with any issue that arises. Furthermore, they offer free staging area migration so that you can test performance before committing. GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed results will demonstrate just how fast your site is.

BionicWP stands out from other managed hosts by offering services that stand out, including server-level support and management. Their engineers are experienced WordPress professionals who can assist with any issue via chat, email, or phone support – plus SEO/site development/content creation assistance!

BionicWP stands out as an exceptional service provider because of its ability to scale with growth. Their multiple data centers ensure quick website speed and reduced latency, plus their one-click scaling system makes traffic surges easy to handle. Finally, daily backups guarantee your site remains protected at all times.

BionicWP is an ideal option for small businesses, bloggers, and developers. Their user-friendly interface enables newcomers to test out the service for free before making a decision about its potential suitability for their needs – plus there’s even an extended 90-day money-back guarantee if necessary!

Unlimited backups

BionicWP offers unlimited backups on all its servers, enabling customers to restore websites and databases without fear of data loss. This feature is ideal for business owners looking to maintain smooth site operations as it also protects against hacking attempts or any potential security threats.

BionicWP offers many positive customer reviews and testimonials that showcase its quality service and how it can enhance website performance. In addition, their customer support team provides top-notch assistance.

BionicWP stands out from its peers by offering its users a free trial, giving them an opportunity to evaluate the performance of their website before making a commitment. Their hosting package boasts incredible speed with 90+ scores on Google Speed Tool and GTMetrix respectively; additionally, BionicWP’s staging environment gives customers ample space for testing out new features before going live.

BionicWP provides unlimited backups and flexible hosting plans tailored specifically to users’ individual needs, which makes the platform particularly suitable for businesses managing multiple websites that require consistent hosting experiences across them. With its high-quality servers guaranteeing fast load times for clients an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and a 45-day money-back policy in place – BionicWP offers its customers what they need in terms of web hosting!

BionicWP offers an intuitive control panel, making it a superior alternative to more commonly used platforms such as cPanel and Plesk. Furthermore, BionicWP allows multiple domains to be managed under the same account, making it an excellent solution for multi-site businesses.

BionicWP is one of the premier managed WordPress hosting services, featuring top security measures and tools for optimizing websites. Compatible with major SEO plugins, BionicWP can help your site rank higher on search engines to increase visitors. Plus, its speed cannot be rivaled!

24/7 support

BionicWP provides 24/7 support, so whenever help is required you can receive it. In addition to offering Linux containers and CDN services to help improve website performance. With servers located all around the world allowing access from any location worldwide – helping businesses increase conversion rate by providing content quickly to visitors.

BionicWP offers many WordPress plugins, making the process of setting up and updating a website much simpler. Furthermore, BionicWP takes backups on a daily basis that are accessible through your site dashboard; in addition to this protection plan it offers malware and DDOS protection plans as well as teams of engineers and experts available 24/7 should any issues arise; additionally, you can take advantage of its form checks and unlimited edits services to keep your site running smoothly.

BionicWP’s team is always striving to enhance its services, giving you peace of mind that your website will remain safe and fast. Their hosting solutions utilize Google Cloud C2 High Compute Servers – one of the fastest online services – enabling your websites to load in 3 seconds or less allowing for increased traffic growth and improved conversion rates.

BionicWP provides users with a staging environment, enabling them to test out new features on their websites prior to going live. If you are an agency, freelancer, small business, or e-commerce business this platform could be ideal for you – it comes equipped with a free migration service and a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind!

Make sure that the hosting solution you select provides all the features required by your website – this will save both time and money in the long run. To find a host that meets your needs, read reviews or user feedback and compare pricing/support between various providers so you can ensure they meet them all.


BionicWP provides this scalability through server-level support and Linux containers. In addition, BionicWP offers CDN and web application firewall (WAF), both designed to improve website performance while offering unrivaled security through two robust security scanners and an in-house hacker guarantee.

BionicWP’s servers are powered by Google Cloud Network and optimized specifically for WordPress, producing 90+ GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights scores respectively. In addition to high-speed performance, BionicWP also offers 24/7 technical support as well as staging areas to enable users to test their site prior to going live.

BionicWP stands out from its competition because there are no upsells or hidden fees – making it ideal for agencies managing multiple websites at the same time. BionicWP will take care of everything, from installing plugins to updating core files; daily backups; and malware scanning will all be taken care of for you!

BionicWP also provides customers with a free trial period. This trial includes access to all the tools that come with their service as well as a staging area, which allows users to make changes without fear of losing them. It is an ideal opportunity for business owners and website operators alike to evaluate if BionicWP meets their business needs.

BionicWP offers free trials as well as paid versions for those needing extra features. Their paid plan features unlimited websites, custom domain hosting, and increased bandwidth usage; making this plan suitable for small to mid-sized businesses as well as bloggers or YouTubers looking for reliable hosting solutions for their websites.

BionicWP offers reseller hosting services, making the hosting even more appealing to potential clients by creating white-label versions of BionicWP that you can offer your clients. By branding BionicWP with your logo and name, this program enables resellers to add value and increase revenue streams by selling hosting.

BionicWP Info & Overview

512 ms
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Site Migration
30 days money-back guarantee

BionicWP Details

Server Locations:
Payment Methods:
  • White Label Support
  • Uptime Monitoring & Weekly Speed Monitoring
  • Unlimited Edits
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Let's Encryp SSL has to be manually setup on addon domains
  • No phone support
5.0 rating

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5.0 rating
Prices starting from : $7.00/mo (WITH Free Trial)
5.0 rating
Prices starting from : $4.00/mo (SAVE 35% on the first year)
5.0 rating
Prices starting from : $11.90/mo (SAVE 50% on the first year)
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