Realme 8 Pro Price in Nigeria and Specs

Realme 8 Pro Price in Nigeria

The Realme 8 Pro price in Nigeria is NGN 120000. This was the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi in 2021. It’s packed with features and offers excellent performance at an affordable price, making it one of the best smartphones. Design and Display The design of the phone is sleek and stylish. The screen size is 6.4 … Read more

iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria and Specs

iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria

The Apple iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria is NGN 310000 on average. This smartphone was a great addition to Apple’s best-selling phones, and it brought a ton of new features! With a 6.1 -inch screen and 4K video recording, it’s got everything you need to take great photos and videos. And with improved battery life, … Read more

Zenith Bank Code Activation and Uses

Zenith Bank Code

The Zenith Bank code is *966#. This article will look at the USSD code for Zenith Bank Nigeria. This code executes functions like sending money, checking balances, etc. It is a convenient way of performing banking activities without visiting the bank or doing online banking. Requirements for the Activating the Zenith Bank Code Banks these … Read more

Polaris Bank Transfer Code: Quick Activation and Usage Guide.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

The Polaris Bank transfer code is *833#. The bank launched this service for customers to access the bank through USSD. The service is very easy to use and can be used for various purposes. With Polaris Bank’s USSD service, customers can perform various banking operations such as fund transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments, and more. … Read more

Wema Bank Transfer Code: Quick Activation Guide and Uses

Wema Bank Transfer Code

The Wema Bank transfer code is *945#. The USSD code is a mobile banking service that allows you to access your account, send funds and perform other transactions using a short code. This convenient service is available 24/7, so customers can access their accounts from anywhere and at any time. As long as they have … Read more

Ecobank Transfer Code: How to Activate and Use the USSD Service.

Ecobank Transfer Code

The Ecobank transfer code is *326#. This USSD service allows customers to transfer money or make payments using a simple code. It has been praised for its convenience and security, as customers no longer have to worry about forgetting their bank account details or needing a physical card. The Ecobank code is very easy to … Read more