Access Bank Code: Activation, Uses, and Daily Limit.

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The Access Bank code is *901*. Access bank is one of the fastest-growing banks in Nigeria. This is down to their innovative banking solutions and huge customer base. As such, they have introduced several USSD codes that can be used to carry out some transactions at the convenience of your phone.

With Access Bank’s USSD code, you don’t need to go to the bank branch or ATM to make a transaction. This is great for people who need more time to visit the bank or want to save money on ATM fees. The USSD code is a simple and convenient way to transfer funds to Access Bank accounts and to other banks’ accounts. It is a quick, secure and reliable way to transfer money.

Requirements for Using the USSD Code

The USSD code is not available to everyone. To be qualified to use the code, one has to first open an account with Access Bank. Opening an account with Access Bank is easy. One can walk into any of the bank’s branches and open one. After the account opening, the USSD code service can then be activated using the same phone number that was used to create the bank account.

How to Activate Access Bank USSD Service

To activate the USSD code for Access Bank account, follow these steps: Dial *901# on your mobile phone using the phone number associated with your Access Bank account to activate your account, and then click on transfer.

Enter your debit card’s last six digits. Enter your ten-digit account number here. To complete your registration, enter your 4-digit secret PIN. After you confirm your pin, you can begin using the access bank USSD services.

How to Use the Access Bank Transfer Code for Fund transfer

From your phone number, dial *901*1*AMOUNT*Account Number# (for example, *901*1*3000*123456789#) to transfer money from an Access bank account to another Access bank account. To confirm your identity, enter a four-digit security code.

Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*Account Number# (for example, *901*2*3000*123456789#) to transfer funds from an Access bank account to other banks.

How to Use Access Bank Code for Paying Bills

To use the Access Bank Nigeria USSD code for paying bills, follow these steps: From your mobile phone, dial *901*3#. For the “Bill Payment” option. The Bill Payment options will be displayed in the menu (DSTV, PHCN, etc.) Enter the appropriate number. Give the requested information, then follow the instructions for successful bill payment.

How to use it to recharge mobile airtime

Dial *901# To select the “Buy Airtime” option, enter 1. Choose either “Top up my Number” or “Other Phone Number,” then enter the amount and the phone number in the “Other Phone number” field.

When the top-up transaction is successful, an SMS notification is sent. To validate the transaction, enter your PIN.

Transfer Limit When Using the Access Bank Code

The maximum transfer limit on the Access Bank USSD code is as follows:

 N100,000 for money transfers per day with an N20,000 limit for every transaction.

 N20,000 for airtime

These limits exist to ensure the safety and security of customers’ accounts and prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.


There are a lot of options for you to use USSD codes with your Access Bank account. You don’t have to go through any hassle with making calls or trying different codes before accessing your money.

With USSD, you can check your balance, make transfers to other accounts, buy airtime, and pay bills quickly and easily. All you need to do is dial *901# on your registered mobile phone number with Access Bank and follow the simple instructions on your screen.

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